QSA offers highly customized research, analytic support and marketing/communication consultation to business, not-for-profit organizations and government. A woman-owned business (WOSB), QSA has a GSA contract: Schedule 541 4A AIMS (Advertising & Integrated Marketing Services).

QSA has a very high level of customer satisfaction. In an independent evaluation of our past performance, Dun & Bradstreet’s Open Rating Service gave QSA an “outstanding” rating of 96/100. This high level of satisfaction stems from our guiding principles.


HANDS-ON EXPERTISE. When you retain QSA, you will work directly with a company principal with a doctorate, more than 25 years of marketing/market research experience and a commitment to you and your organization.

CUSTOMIZATION.  Each QSA study is designed and analyzed to precisely address our clients’ information needs.

REPORTS/PRESENTATION THAT MAKE THE NUMBERS COME ALIVE. Using statistics and advanced analytics doesn’t mean that reports have to be dry and hard to understand. QSA reports use clear, concise language, story-telling, compelling graphics and (if desired) interactive online data visualization.

SEAMLESS QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH.  How often do the qualitative and quantitative components of a study seem to pass each other like ships in the night? At QSA, we know that the sum of qualitative and quantitative research can be greater than the sum of the parts when the two are designed to be truly complimentary.

behind the scenes

Becky Quarles and Bo Schnurr founded QSA to fulfill their vision of market and social research brought to its highest potential. They knew that most commercial research was cut and dried and that reports were routinized and under-analyzed. They wanted to offer an alternative for highly customized research and in-depth analysis. Over the years, they have fulfilled this promise for many clients and provided results that were both actionable and empowering.

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