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Adolf Hitler once said: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” In this hyper-political year, a chorus of critics is loudly proclaiming that you can’t trust polls anymore. And many people seem to believe it. Can you trust surveys to make accurate predictions? Let’s examine the evidence. The critics of public polls invariably cite declining response rates as a reason not to trust survey research. Yet, […]

Branding studies show clients their brand’s relative position in the market and provide rich detail on the competition. But all that rich detail has a price – questionnaires that are long, repetitive, and boring. And that often leads to respondent disengagement, break-offs, and low quality data. Traditional branding studies are based on ratings of multiple brands on the basis of multiple attributes. In the worst-case scenario, respondents are asked to identify the brands they are […]

We depend on survey research for the information that makes economy tick and supports democratic processes, but response rates are declining. What can we do about it?   Business and government and depend on government surveys to for reliable economic statistics on unemployment, health insurance, inflation, and poverty. Businesses also depend on survey research to help them discover new opportunities, understand consumer motivations, configure and price new products and services, and design and target messages […]

David Almy, CEO of the Marketing Research Association, recently told participants at the Spring Symposium of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the MRA that he had searched in vain for articles on the value of market research. Yet I, along with many other market researchers, know that market research has enormous value when conducted and used properly. It can help companies increase demand for their products and become more profitable, improve brand image, and target messages […]

“Rosebud (the symbol of the great classic movie, Citizen Kane) will go over my typewriter to remind me that quality in movies comes first.” Steven Spielberg     Client-side researchers dislike revisions because they are a frustrating drag on their time and effectiveness. Supplier-side researchers dislike them even more because extensive revisions can quickly blow the budget, demoralize staff and raise havoc with schedules for other projects. So, years ago, when I started my company, […]