Robert “Bo” Schnurr 

Bo is QSA’s technology and statistical guru, who develops new software and statistical applications, evaluates new research technologies, and keeps QSA on the cutting edge. A co-founder of the firm, he also manages technology, statistical analysis, sample development, and database management.

Bo pioneered the use of neural network technology for survey analysis, presenting one of the first papers on the topic at AAPOR. He developed NeuroClustersm, a proprietary, high- resolution segmentation technique and Communications Architecturesm, a predictive modeling technique. He has also made several improvements to Conjoint Analysis, including dollar calibration of utility scores to assess the value of product/ service features. He has analyzed large government and private sector databases and implemented list scoring and other “big data” algorithms.

Bo is a software engineer and flight simulator mathematician, who wrote solid modeling, music and choreography engines for two games that won Action Game of the Year awards from the Software Publishers Association. He holds an MBA in Operations Research and a BA in Industrial Psychology from Marquette University.